Behind the scenes of animation

Here is a little sneak peak at a project that I’m currently working on. Using traditional hand-drawn animation technique, each frame is painted with black ink. It’s a fight scene from The Grandmaster, the “love match” between Yip Man and Gong Er when they get to know each other through the poetic language of their bodies - one of my favorite scenes. 

Aloha Oaxaca Logo

Logo design for Aloha Oaxaca, LA based project of musicians Aaron Thomas Robinson and Brittany Graeff. The pair are on a rad mission of teaching ukulele workshops to kids in Oaxaca, Mexico and subsequently donating the instruments to schools.

The hand-drawn logo features a blue agave, also known as tequila agave that is native to Mexico, with ukulele in the middle. The design was extended to include “Proyecto Aloha” and “Aloha Project” for international use. Also including some process work, sketches and logo options to show the preliminary stages of design smile emoticon. I’m thinking the logo has a tattoo potential…hmm.

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