World Wildlife Fund : Ganges River Dolphin

A watercolor and pencil illustration for WWF India, depicting the endangered Gangetic Dolphin.

In celebration of National Dolphin Day, World Wildlife Fund is joining forces with joining with the Uttar Pradesh Forest Department, other NGOs and local citizens to conduct a census on the species so that’s hyper cool!

The Ganges River Dolphin is called the tiger of the Ganges because of its importance to the health of the river.

Sun gold

I loved playing around with gold textures in this new illustration of a howling husky, made for a CD sleeve of a friend. I mixed gauche, ink, watercolors and pencil illustration, superimposed and edited in Photoshop (of course).

ALTA Conservation

In my collaboration with The Amur Leopard & Tiger Alliance (ALTA), a coalition of 15 NGOs working to support conservation of Amur leopards and tigers in the wild, I created a watercolour & digital mix artwork that is now printed in limited run on organic tees.

With a total wild population of approximately 60 individuals, the Far East Leopard is one of the most endangered big cats.

The t-shirts are now available at Fabrily, with 100% of the proceeds going towards conservation projects supporting the Amur tiger and leopard.

Holt Renfew event

To accessorize for the summer, Holt Renfrew was hosting an eyewear trunk show in their stores this month. They contacted me to create a watercolour poster for the event where we mix photography with illustration. Trying to keep it clean & cool, I painted a few watercolour textures to overlay on the sunglasses and the background, then mixed in illustration to accentuate hair strands and shirt texture. Here is the final artwork. 
To accentuate the theme, I also painted watercolour texture artwork to be used on the information poster and placemats under the glasses in the cases. Photo below shows the flagship Toronto location.

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