* Phases of Dance is currently being screened for 6 months at the Toronto Metro Convention Centre* (Main South entrance and Bridge displays)

Official Selection - International Animated Dance Festival (2018), La Reunion, France
Winner - 2D animation category, International Animated Dance Festival (2018)


My Master of Design thesis project was a hand-drawn animated short film Phases of Dance (2017) that consists of 2,100 individual drawings documenting embodied technique of bachata dance through rotoscoping. The 4-month production led to a solo exhibition at Open Space Gallery in Toronto.

Phases of Dance was released in support and special thanks to Daniel Santacruz for the use of his song "Lo Dice La Gente" (© 2014 Trebol Music), now featured on his Official Youtube Channel as an animated music video.

Using real-life footage as a base for animation, the production began with choreographing and filming of a bachata sequence performed by my dance partner Pavlo Farmakis and I to a specific song ("Lo Dice La Gente"). In the subsequent process of frame by frame interpretation of movement at 12 frames per second, as an animator I analyzed aspects of visual expression, performance and technique in my dance practice with attention to bodily motion, gesture and anatomy.

Hand drawn in two months, the 3:40 min video is also a documentation of my technique in traditional animation as I drew sequentially on a daily basis and the chronological order of each frame represents my progress in drawing, painting, and understanding of motion. 

Using my practices as methods of research, this thesis project explored the affordances of traditional animation rotoscoping as a record of embodied technique as well as the epistemic structure of embodied practices - what knowledge is generated through our bodies.


2D Animation and Editing: Iveta Karpathyova
Choreography: Pavlo Farmakidis
Dance Performance: Pavlo Farmakidis and Iveta Karpathyova
Music: "Lo Dice La Gente" by Daniel Santacruz
Produced at OCAD University © Iveta Karpathyova 2017

The exhibition was held at the Open Gallery and the Black Box at 49 McCaul St. on March 31st - April 1st 2017.

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