Watercolor and ink animated art
/ Final application viewable on DNAe website dnae.com

Commissioned by Salt, a London-based creative studio, I got to experiment with watercolor and ink media in rebranding DNAe – a groundbreaking technology company based in London and California.

Collaborating with comms agency Orchard the art was used in creation of DNAe brand identity, website and brand guidelines. Based on the brand promise 'Live Diagnostics' I created abstract watercolor and ink illustrations, films, and stop-motion sequences to represent the idea of being 'live and immediate'.

Used primarily as re-occurring background element, I painted a variety of edges - soft feathered, watery edge, bleeding edge - to allow for varied crops across communications material. Within the animated sequences I aimed to record the forms and shapes that occur naturally in watercolor painting process and convey movement and energy.

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