Watercolor Illustration: Map Poster

Live Online Workshop
Client: Google

A creative workshop I taught for Google's Colorado team. The participants learned to paint natural elements via lecture & demo and practiced watercolor techniques and illustration from photo references. Since the team was based in Colorado, we kept it local and the participants painted elements of the scenic Rocky Mountain National Park.

As a team-building activity, I unified their final illustrations into a map poster - an art piece of their collaborative efforts and team work. The high-res poster could then be shared with friends & family, on social media, or printed for framing and home deco. We made this a relaxing learning experience, and used the 1.5-hour workshop to meditate in the process of watercolor painting.


The participants learned how to draw the natural world from photo references, as well as techniques for watercolor application, bleeding & blending.


The Lecture was followed up by a demonstration via an overhead camera. I described my process of stylizing forms and watercolor application. We also went over how to combine colors with wet-on-wet technique and achieve cool effects via salt, soap and vinegar.


Each participant chose a RMNP landmark, native flower, animal or activity which they painted from a photo reference. I was able to consult and address any questions as the team progressed with their art.

Once each artwork was collected, I combined them in Photoshop to design an original collage poster - a masterpiece of the team's collaborative efforts! See below for the final map poster.

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