Hello, I'm an illustrator, animator and educator with a Master of Design degree. I specialize on hand-drawn animation and visual music (Phases of Dance2017). As a latin dancer conditioned to express music through movement, I'm very much drawn towards translating song rhythm and lyrics into visual format as an animator. 

Upon completing my Bachelor of Design in 2010 I moved to France where I worked in fashion trend forecasting and as a Visual Arts instructor. I freelanced as a commercial illustrator in Paris, Montreal and California for five years until returning to Toronto in 2015 to pursue graduate research on animation rotoscoping design for documentation of embodied practices. 


For commissions or inquiries please contact me by email at hello@ivetaka.com. English, French or Slovak.

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Variety, The Walrus, World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Lindt, Holt Renfrew, Philips, H&R Block, Collective Arts Brewing, The Madison Hotel, LONE WOLFS Objets d'Surf, DNAe, University of Toronto, ALTA Conservation, Trendland, Shoku-é, etc.


The Walrus magazineFormatStyle Me Pretty, The Dance Current, LONE WOLFS Can't Steal Our Vibe zine, Porto Del Sol,  Hello Wooly, Pulp, &Premium, Lush, 30 sec Film Artists, Dress to Kill, Be, Dash, Glossy, ISSI, Eclectic, Canadian Hairdresser, etc.


> Presenter, Society for Animation Studies Conference, University of Padova, Italy (July 2017)
Teacher Assistant, Global Visual and Material Culture courses: Prehistory to 1800s and 1800s to Present. Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences, OCAD University, Toronto (Sept 2015 - April 2017)
> IAMD Admissions Committee Student Representative, Graduate Studies, OCAD University, Toronto (Dec 2016 - Feb 2017)
Panelist, Summer Studies Info Session, Graduate Studies, OCAD University, Toronto (Feb 2017)
Panelist, IAMD Program Info Night, Graduate Studies, OCAD University, Toronto (Nov 2016)
Presenter, Martial Arts Studies Conference, Cardiff University, Wales, UK (July 2016)
Instructor, Visual Arts department, WICE, Paris, France (2013 - 2014)


Canterbury Anifest film screening, Canterbury, UK (Sept 2017) 
> Fighting Spirit Film Festival film screening, London, UK (Sept 2017)
> GradEx Annual Graduate Exhibition, OCAD University, Toronto (April 2017)
> Phases of Dance solo exhibition, Open Space Gallery, Toronto (March 2017)
> Martial Arts Studies Conference film screening, Cardiff University, Wales UK (July 2016)
> Hello Graduate exhibition, OCAD University, Toronto (April 2016)
> Unguarded Graduate exhibition, OCAD University, Toronto (Nov 2015)


Emru Townsend Award recipient, The Society for Animation Studies (SAS) (2017)
> Award for Interdisciplinary Excellence winner, OCAD University, Toronto (2017)
> Ontario Graduate Scholarship recipient, OCAD University, Toronto (2016/2017)
> MAS Film Competition winner, Martial Arts Studies Conference, Cardiff University, Wales UK (July 2016)


> The Society for Animation Studies
> Toronto Animated Image Society Instructor
> International Federation for Theatre Research
> Embodied Research Working Group


> Master of Design, Interdisciplinary Master’s in Art, Media and Design, OCAD University, Toronto (2015 - 2017). Thesis focus: Animation design, rotoscoping, hand-drawn animation, embodiment.
> TESOL Teacher Training Certificate, Oxford Seminars, Toronto (2014)
> Bachelor of Design, Fashion Communication Major, Ryerson University, Toronto (2006 - 2010)

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