Sur a Norte logo design

So excited to share the logo project for Sur a Norte! This Oxaca based bar-restaurant opened last month by my awesome friends Aaron & Britt 🌴🇲🇽 5 years ago I got to design the logo for their tiki bar Aloha Oaxaca, and so I was super excited to continue our collab with this new venture.

Animation of Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal

An animation I made yesterday to test the Apple Pencil ✍🏼🎶 My favorite is animating to music! There’s so much that can be visually translated by listening to the composition and paying attention to the movements & energy. Animating Michael Jackson dancing to Smooth Criminal was a blast 🕺🏻

Society of Animation Studies annual Conference

This week I presented at the Society for Animation Studies 31st Annual Conference in Lisbon, Portugal. My talk on ”Using Musical Layers as a Script for Animation Aesthetics” premiered my new visual music hand-painted animation and the production process behind it.

It was a part of the “Animation and Its Others: Expressive Reciprocities in Visual, Aural, and Verbal Imagination” panel presented alongside Ruth Lingford (Harvard U) and Nicholas Miller (Loyola U). 

Being in this environment and around these passionate animation film-makers, academics, and theorists always energizes me to the fullest!

UC Berkley Ext animation course

Taught last class of the semester yesterday…Where does the time go! So grateful for my incredible students and our animation journey at UC Berkeley Ext 💙💛 Creating a course on Animation Design & Video Production alongside full-time freelance was a learning curve in itself, but so happy to say that the course was a success and got great reviews! Still can’t believe I get to teach my passion.

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