Baile Del Sol

Illustration of bachata dance champions Marcelo y Belen for a new latin dancing company Baile Del Sol. I think it’s the animator and dancer in me but I love illustrating figures in motion! Especially dance and sports : )

Sur a Norte logo design

So excited to share the logo project for Sur a Norte! This Oxaca based bar-restaurant opened last month by my awesome friends Aaron & Britt 🌴🇲🇽 5 years ago I got to design the logo for their tiki bar Aloha Oaxaca, and so I was super excited to continue our collab with this new venture.

Animation of Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal

An animation I made yesterday to test the Apple Pencil ✍🏼🎶 My favorite is animating to music! There’s so much that can be visually translated by listening to the composition and paying attention to the movements & energy. Animating Michael Jackson dancing to Smooth Criminal was a blast 🕺🏻

Society of Animation Studies annual Conference

This week I presented at the Society for Animation Studies 31st Annual Conference in Lisbon, Portugal. My talk on ”Using Musical Layers as a Script for Animation Aesthetics” premiered my new visual music hand-painted animation and the production process behind it.

It was a part of the “Animation and Its Others: Expressive Reciprocities in Visual, Aural, and Verbal Imagination” panel presented alongside Ruth Lingford (Harvard U) and Nicholas Miller (Loyola U). 

Being in this environment and around these passionate animation film-makers, academics, and theorists always energizes me to the fullest!

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